Polar Bear press

We are a new in house publishing company specializing in children's, business and sign writing books which as no connection with any original owners of the site. We publish smaller quantities of specialized books, that you would not normally see on a book stand

By doing this we can publish titles that would not normally be deemed profitable by the larger publishing houses, this is especially beneficial within the business and sign language books genres.

Get Fixed at the Roadside

Business Books

Of course there is huge range of business books on any major bookstore's, but there are some specialist subjects that because the readership is not so great, would not normally get published. We hope here at Polar Bear Press we can publish such titles, first because we did it in house and second because or intention is to sell these titles online, cutting out the middle man

Search Engine Optimization Books

A another business subject we have a close subject with, is search engine optimisation and so intend to publish small, easy to learn books on that subject. As most of us know search engine optimization is becoming the most important (with FOKM)

It was a thrilling experience and I wish to express my honest thank you and your staff for your great input into arranging this meeting the victory that it surely has been.

function to getting a return on the internet. Halogen creative also have north east brochure design and books and essentail reading.

Sign Language Books

We also have a close relationship with the writers of sign language books and so will choose to sell these small pocket sized books within our site also. We easy understandable pictures, it won't be long before you will learn the most common signs, to communicate with the deaf.

DIY Books

We are currently experimenting with the possibility of publishing DIY books to help the home owner with projects within their home. As many are forced to stay in their homes due to the current credit crunch, rather than moving, many are finding the need to convert their home into a more permanent solution. Some ideas banded around was, building a conservatory to extend the home or Solar Scouts solar panels, or even simple jobs such as painting a wood door. The titles would explain what the difference is between a upvc door and what composite doors are also. We believe these publications would suit the current challenges of saving money and not being able to invest in new property and even UK Skip Finder who can provide skip hire for you too.

Car Books

Understanding what is good to drive and what is not is one subject that our car books likes to tackle. Other subjects include the difference between buying a car and leasing, making the decisions easier with Leasebam for you. Understanding what car leasing is all and contract hire Bam about and the pitfalls and benefits will be interesting reading.